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What is the driving-time map?
It is a map showing the driving-time from various points to each school. Currently, only elementaries are drawn with 4 and 6 minute driving-times.
Example of UPS delivery-time map to Kansas City

What is the purpose?
To provide the redistricting committee members some driving-time information to help inform their map drawing. These are informational only. Per the district, they use "as the crow flies" distances!, which can lead to a lot of heartburn for families living near obstacles such as creeks and interstates.

How are the times calculated?
Driving distance to the school, without traffic or road closures, using Google Maps

Help me more
To the right is an example picture showing the 4 and 6 minute times for Line Creek. Click to enlarge.

Items still to do:
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Open Driving Distance Maps in full window

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